We Are Taking It All Back- The Message By Sammy Gyamfi Which Sparked A Serious Demonstration Today

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The demonstration begun from the circle VVIP station and some areas around Obra spot at Kwame Nkrumah circle. Even though angry and hungry, thus wanting to spit danger and seriousness all around, they lacked the inward power that would push them until Sammy Gyanfj spoke.

After speaking to them, the youth were rekindled with a different form of energy and were ready to do all that it takes to speak up and fearlessly react.

Sammy Gyamfi used this opportunity to educate the people on the purpose of the demonstration and how best Ghanaians can take advantage of that.

We have been robbed, bullied and pushed around for years and we are taking it all back. We are the resistance for the future and we will create a better Ghana through this, he stated. Sammy Gyamfi rekindled the spirit of the people and forced them to speak up and let their problems lead them all through the demonstration.

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