Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion April 3

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Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion

E. Mendy-------------------- S. Johnstone

A. Ruediger-- ---------------D. Furlong

A. Christensen------------ K. Bartley

C. Azpilicueta -------------C. Townsend

M. Alonso------------------- D. O'Shea

Jorginho--------------------- J. Livermore

T. Werner --------------------M. Phillips

M. Kovacic----------------- M. Pereira

M. Mount -------------------A. Maitland-Niles

R. James -------------------O. Yokuslu

K. Havertz ------------------M. Diagne


T. Tuchel ---------------------S. Allardyce


David Coote (England)

Chelsea has always been the best among the best club, with a high number of fans, although they suddenly reduce in their performance, that doesn't mean that they can't still win as they normally do.

West Bromwich Albion in the other side can not be left out on the list of the best football clubs. They may not be as good as Chelsea, but they are more better than some clubs. As a matter of fact, it will not be surprised for West Bromwich Albion to win this very match.

I can't really tell who is going to win or lose, but we all will definitely know the winner at the end of the match.

But in the meantime let's just say our mind, who do you think will win? Is it a draw? 

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