Don't Repeat The Mistake You Made in 2013- Junet Lecturers Kenyans

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During the Azimio La Umoja rally in mount Kenya, Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohamed send a Powerful Message to the Kenyans about the mistake they made in 2017 that they should avoid repeating in 2022. Junet said that in 2017, Kenyans voted for the president and his deputy president knowing that they will help each other in working for Kenyans but this did not work as the deputy president has spent most of his time hosting campaign meetings for the last eight years.

He said that the DP is using Kenyan money, living vin the Kenyan house travelling using the Kenyan vehicle fueled by Kenyans but he is always in campaign instead of working for Kenyans.

He added that the ODM party Leader has been moving in different parts of the country asking for permission from Kenyans if he can contest in 2022 elections. Raila has moved from western Kenya, to eastern Kenya to north Eastern Kenya and the rift alley just asking for permission to vie in 2022 elections. Junet added that public participation is important and nobody can just declare himself to vie without asking for permission from Kenyans to vie the way Raila's opponents are doing currently.

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