Prayer: God Help Me To Maintain My Integrity When People Call Me Social Deviant And Speak Evil Of Me

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"Wherein they find it unusual that ye do not join them in their revelry, speaking ill of you." 1 Peter 4:2

Read: Acts 17:5-9

A Christian can be thought of as a little Christ. Christ demonstrated integrity in all of His words and deeds while on earth. He promised that His progeny would do greater feats. Are you a born-again Christian? Are you a truly God's child? You can become effective at displaying integrity with self-discipline and proper preparation. 

The degree of our preparation determines our integrity as a way of life and our effectiveness in every profession. We become more effective the better prepared we are. As a result, you must be prepared in order to be effective in demonstrating integrity.

Perfection is God's standard for His children (Matthew 5:48). Many societies suffer from a lack of integrity, which is tragic. A person of integrity is sometimes viewed as a social deviant in a society where honesty has become a scarce commodity. Bad parts of such society will occasionally attempt to neutralize his or her influence. This can be accomplished through subtle or overt persecution, the application of punishments, or a concerted campaign to smear his or her reputation.

However, history shows that a person of integrity is always victorious. Why? He or she is dependable and trustworthy. Are you a trustworthy individual? Integrity is defined by credibility. Integrity provides confidence and the ability to favorably influence people. People will put their trust in you if you are credible, and you will have the ability to influence their life. It's also true that there's a contrast. The less believable you are as a person, the less trust others have in you, and the faster you will lose your position of power.

Are you a pastor or a Christian leader? Integrity is the key to rising and not falling. Integrity is critical to your ministry's success. There's no doubting that the more trustworthy you are, the longer your ministry will last and the more successful it will be. Similarly, the less credible you are, the shorter your shelf life will be and the less successful your ministry will be. Integrity is essential for any leader because it fosters trust.

To be a leader, a person must have followers. A leader must have the trust of his or her people in order to get their support. As a result, the most important characteristic of a leader is unquestionable integrity. It is impossible to achieve true success without it, whether in a church, on a football field, in an army barrack, or in an office.

 If a man's associates discover that he is a phony, if they discover that he lacks honesty, he will fail. Your words and deeds must be in sync with one another. Although society may perceive them as deviants, the first and most important requirement of a Christian leader is integrity and a noble purpose. Are you considered a social deviant? Don't jeopardize your morals.

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