How Some Igbo Politicians Took Side With The North During PDP Zoning Committee Meeting in Enugu

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The political polarization crisis that has plagued the southeast for decades again came to the fore during last week's People's Democratic Party Zoning Committee meeting in Enugu State.

The committee was set up by PDP leaders to develop a sharing formula for the offices in the party’s National Working Committee.

According to Thisday Newspaper, the zoning committee is made up of eight members each from the six geo-political zones in the country. The meeting was closely monitored because if it zones the PDP chairmanship position to the North, it then means the South will get the Presidential ticket vice versa.

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This explains why the South-East caucus in the committee wanted a Northern PDP chairman so that the presidential ticket can be zoned to the South, which means the Igbo presidency could be a possibility in 2023. But the North wanted it the other way so that it could get the Presidency.

But the South East failed in its failed in its bid because of a lack of unity.

This article will analyse how some Igbo leaders in the committee took side with the North and undermined the quest for Igbo Presidency in 2023

Out of eight Igbo members in the committee, four broke rank and supported the north

You will expect that the southeast members of the committee would have done their homework even before setting foot in Enugu. But that was not the case. The South-East was a house divided against itself.

The South East sub-Committee which includes former Senate President Pius Ayim Pius and former Aviation Minister Osita Chidoka, could not reach an agreement on what they wanted. Four of them including Ayim and Chidoka wanted a Northern PDP Chairman so that the South will get the presidency, but the other four broke rank and stood with the North, thus weakening the Igbo vote.

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Thisday Newspaper reported that the North caucus didn’t have any of such problems. All three zones in the region- North East, North West and North central, stood united that the party chairmanship should go to the South.

That gave the North a huge leverage over the South East caucus and also helped it win the support of the South West.

The rebellion of the four Igbo members of the South-East caucus may have undermined the prospect of the Igbo Presidency in 2023. Because according to media reports, the committee has concluded to zone the Presidency to the north. They are expected to meet again on Wednesday, to ratify the outcome meeting.

This is coming as a shock to many analysts who are troubled by the lack of cohesion and agreement in the South East camp.

Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife is a strong advocate of Igbo presidency (Photo Credit: Vanguard)

Unfortunately, this is not the first time, this kind of development has taken place, it has become an occurring decimal in South-East politics. The region never seems to agree on issues.

The same cannot be said of the North which always stand united on issues that affect the region.

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