American Female Artist Paints Models Into A Motorcycle - See How

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Trina Merry is a body painting artist based in San Francisco in United States. Some of you might have been familiar with this artist, a number of artworks have been displayed on the web has taken a toll everywhere to and fro.

Her "Human motorcycle project" took the world of art by Storm.

She created a motorcycle my painting human bodies

the image was created to promote international motorcycle show tour and sport.

Behind The Scene.

she carefully painted and positioned the models, the scene was shot from a right angle, this made me to create something unique and different from what other artist have been producing.

Step 1

Here's a picture of five models bend and positioned to form a motorcycle.

They haven't been painted yet.

Step 2

Painting continues to acheive a desirable colour that would erase the shade of humans.

Step 3

And finally we have the lower part looking like a motorcycle.

Those are behind-the-scenes look at how the motorcycles were created.

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