Woman Reveals Why She Rejected Scholarship To Foreign University Over What Nigerian Pastor Told Her

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A woman identified as @bettyaana on Twitter has taken to her social media to reveal why she rejected two fantastic opportunities because her Nigerian pastor told her they were not God's will for her.


While explaining, age said she got a scholarship to Warwick but she rejected it after a Nigerian pastor told her it's not the "will of God".


She explained further that she later got into Russell in London through a scholarship but the pastor told her to drop out and she did.

She disclosed further that he finally left the church a few years ago and went back to school to complete her degree.

 However, her statement has generated to series of reactions from twitter users. Below are some reactions:

While commenting, @LegendofBaba said, "People are laughing at this girl but these things really happen. I had a scholarship for one uni and an unconditional offer for the other, but had to go through clearing to find somewhere else because my Dad said I had to stay in London 😒"

"Some of the responses to this tweet...you lot understand victim blaming when it is physical abuse but suddenly it's "and you allowed it?" when it's spiritual manipulation/emotional abuse.Your ignorance stinks," @RianaRiya said.

"I’ve come back to this, trust me when I tell you, it is not as simple as ‘just saying no’ the depth of manipulation and scaremongering that goes into this will blow your mind and it’s further backed by the twisting of scripture," @dbcxptures said.

Read her tweets below.

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