Alluring Church Inspired Outfits That Would Make You Look Absolutely Dashing(Photos)

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When I was younger, people used to dress modestly to church out of respect for God and for one another. For us, that meant wearing a suit and tie for the men and a stunning gown for the ladies. In less affluent areas, this may mean jeans and flannel shirts, but everyone strives to be modest in their attire.

Most churches are now unconcerned with how people dress and are content if they show up. I've been to some churches in affluent regions where women dress provocatively, and if that's okay to us, do we believe it's acceptable to God? It's important that you come to God's house clean and covered. Clean so that your body odor do not distract people from the church service.

Covered means modestly covering your attractive body parts, unless you are in a church that allows showing your sensitive body parts, which I believe none exist. It's fine to be stylish, but your choice of fashion shouldnt distract people from concentrating during service. Some people are misled into believing that the church is the location for a fashion show and runway walk, but it's not so. Focus on the sermon, the music and prayer. Save your revealing clothing for another time and location.

Of course, you should look classy to church and there are no mistakes saying that. There are different ways to rock an outfit to church that would still leave you looking good and modest.

Sometimes, we have these clothes in our closet but we do not know the right way to pair them and we end up not looking as good as we would like. Need some church outfit inspiration? Below are some style ideas.

1. Gorgeous in this casual classy piece

2. She looks so elegant in this long stripped piece.

3. You would be the cynosure of all eyes in this gorgeous piece.

4. Rock this beautiful formal looking African piece.

5. This is a different way to step up your style.

6. Ankara church outfit inspiration

7. And this blue classy dress.

8. She looks pretty in her pink flowered dress.

9. This red classy dress.

10. Formal with a touch of class.

11. She looks great in this outfit

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