Caster Semenya brands African games pioneers 'defeatists' over DSD position

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Double cross Olympic and three-time title holder Caster Semenya has marked innovators in African sports "weaklings" for neglecting to battle back for female competitors who are confronting qualification issues.

The 31-year-old is banished from contending in her favored 800m race by World Athletics' disparities of sexual turn of events (DSD) rules presented in 2019.

Competitors with high testosterone are expected to therapeutically bring down their levels to contend in occasions somewhere in the range of 400m and 1500m.

"That's what I believe, in this day, we have defeatist pioneers," Semenya said.

"In this mainland, individuals hush up. I don't have any idea why they're tranquil. They're not battling for their own competitors.

"You must appear and work, battle for your competitors, and afterward African sports will be perfect. As of now it's frustrating.

"When gotten some information about Semenya's remarks and whether African sports administration has done what's needed for its competitors, Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) president Malboum Kalkaba said: "Sorry, I don't have a response".

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