Opinion: How to Know if You And Your Partner Will Make a Great Couple


With so many divorce cases and broken marriages everywhere, it is to important to examine your life and that your intended partner to know if you two can stand the test of time of marriage.

As you know, marriage is not a day or a week affair, not even a year or five, but forever. And I must tell you, forever is too long to be unhappy.

In this article, I will show you three signs that would determine how strong your union with your partner would be. With these signs you don't even need to go to God to bother Him to know if he or she is the one for you.


This is one of the strongest sign that you and your partner can form a great love life and family. Compatibility is the natural similarities created in each individual's traits.

Compatibility can exist in your social lives, financial management, life's view, love, how you two relate in the bedroom, dressing ideology etc. 

You will find this person's company so normal, you both flows so smoothly, as if both of you are blood related. Your qualities compliments each other.

This is one of the signs that both are or would make great and peaceful home.

Whenever there is this very quality called compatibility, there will always be understanding and cooperation. Misunderstanding will come but because you both are so compatible. It Will be solved in no long time.

Compatibility means that he likes what you like, that is good and he hates what you hate. With compatibility, he cooperates, he forgives, he shows understanding.


This is another one you got to look out for in him. If you find this quality in him or her, then you are good to go. But if this quality is lacking, my dear, it will be so much hard to say he or she could be the right one for you. But unfortunately, many don't consider the importance of these two qualities I mentioned here, your focus is in how much he has, which car does he drive or the guys, how pretty and tall she is.

A man or woman who cannot tolerate your flaws shouldn't be considered as a perspective husband or wife. But a man, who knows your flaws and yet tolerates and encourages you to work on it to be a better Lady, he is so much interested in building your morality not s*xuality. If you find this partner, my dear, you need not to worry God again in prayer. He is the one. Because it takes love to tolerate.

Let's take a look at a perfect example of how important tolerance is in a post made by a Twitter user with the name Ngozi and shared by Gistreel

This is a perfect example of this second sign "tolerance". And it is good as the two didn't continue with the union because it will end in divorce.


Does this one sound off to the list I mentioned here? No! It does not, In fact this one is the very strongest sign that a man or woman would be so great as a perspective husband and wife. Of course relationship or marriage is not devoid of challenges, but the difference is how it is resolved. The speed with which he or her makes sure its resolved and either admits his or her mistakes and apologizes. This is the kind of a man or woman that shouldn't be taken for granted. 

Ladies and gentlemen, read this and take note of all the points mentioned here.

Even if you are the one that did the wrong, he forgives you and encourages you not to do it again. Such a man, his house is where peace lives.

Wish you all the best in your relationship and marriage.

Kingsleyofokansi newshub-gh@operanewshub.com