Another Vocal Crusader Of The BBI Now Admits That Parliamentary Route Is Now The Viable Option


Jeremiah Kioni now believes that they missed the point when it came to the push of the Building Bridges Initiative. This is after the high court brought to a halt the push to have the document get to the referendum stage.

An extract from The Star Newspaper

According to Kioni, the recent ruling was a wake-up call to the entire BBI secretariat to rethink the strategy needed to have the document sail through to the next stage. He hinted that some of the clauses in the document could have easily passed through parliament but the move to have them enacted through a referendum was the beginning of their downfall.

He however revealed that not all hope is lost since the filing of an appeal has been presented before the court, which might shed more light on the entire process. His plea at the moment is for their supporters to be patient as the legal team handles the matter at hand.