Opinion: If the law is no respecter of persons, then this policeman must be in court for trial


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If the laws of Ghana give equal treatment to all persons with no preferential syndrome, then the police officer who knocked down a ten year old girl, killing her instantly in the Western region must be made to face the full rigours of the law. This will demonstrate the practical application of the constitutional concept of rule of law as stipulated in our statutes books. Lets wait and see.

Few days ago, a police officer, Owusu who was trying to arrest a driver of an unlicensed vehicle in a hot chase mistakenly killed a 10-year-old girl in a gruesome knock down after he veered off into another lane.Her body was badly mutilated by the officer's vehicle. This case is very important because, the policeman was using his own private car to chase the unlicensed vehicular driver. This violate the rules of the service. The officer should have called for reinforcement to involve police patrol vehicle instead of his own car. The police officer may have suspected something fishy inside the vehicle beside the unregistered number plate. But the procedure he adopted is little bit unsecured and unprofessional.

Ghanaians appreciate the value of the law enforcement agencies. Their job is so crucial for our safety and peaceful coexistence. But the coercive power vested in their hands to arrest offenders must be exercised in a reasonable manner to avoid destroying innocent lives. The story is very pathetic because his attempt to arrest a suspected criminal has ended up killing an innocent civilian who has no infraction with the law at all.

I am sure by now the policeman has presented himself to the Anaji Police station where the incident happened but more must be done. The CID officer in charge must conduct expedite investigation and bring the officer in court for killing an innocent young girl.

When the officer is sent to court, the family of the deceased will understand that justice has been served. The Ghana police in addition must also compensate the parents of the deceased for wasting their efforts in bringing the child to this far. Justice delayed justice denied. Everything must be done in expeditious manner.

The body of the young girl has been deposited in the hospital. The people were grieved that, the policeman was rather taken to the hospital after the accident instead of the girl that was killed. But the reality is that, a dying person rather needs attention to save his life than the one who is already dead. I plead with the family to exercise restraints and give the matter to God. Justice will definitely be served. Lets pray for the officer to regain his health and energy.

I will also use this medium to advise all drivers to be law abiding and respect traffic regulations in the country. If your hands are clean, why will you run away from a law enforcement officer. It is a big offence to ignore a police officer who stops your vehicle.

If this alleged unlicensed driver is arrested, the law must deal with him as it is. The fact that he ran away from the police is suspicious of intention to commit illegality. He must stand in the dock as well to defend his actions. Ghana is a country of laws and the laws must be obeyed by the citizenry.

I share my condolences to the family of the deceased young girl. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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