The Rise of Edouard Mendy: From Being Unemployed to A Champions League Winner


Edouard Mendy came to Stamford Bridge from Rennes in September and quickly established themselves as our first choice. He has many impressive performances, both under the leadership of Frank Lampard and Thomas Tuchel. He played an important role. 

Mendy maintained an impressive 16 Premier League goals without conceding in his debut season and contributed to 17 league wins, while also performing well in his final game of the 2020/21 season, putting Manchester City in trouble. After a magical night in Porto, we won the Champions League. 

Mendy signed a five-year contract at Stamford Bridge. The road from Rennes to Chelsea is the same as that from Cech. He immediately became a fan favorite and performed well between the two teams, including six in a row clearing out goalkeeper Edouard when he started from October to November 

He controlled his area well and defeated Crystal Palace, Krasnodar, Burnley, and all former club Rennes in the Blues. European football Old Trafford ensured that we scored a point in the game against Manchester United. 

In our December win over Leeds, he made some big saves in front of a small crowd at Stamford Bridge and we topped the Premier League standings with three points. 

What makes Mendy's story even more impressive is that Mendy was still considering leaving his football career six years ago. 

left Cherbourg in the French lower league and left the game for a year while looking for a new club. Edouard even applied for unemployment because he was looking for a job other than football. 

His perseverance allowed him to rise in the league with Lance and Rennes before moving to Chelsea, and achieved the most sensational result, establishing himself as a Premier League goalkeeper, and surrounded by his family and friends we saw him win the Champions League Trophy.