As A Tenant, Before You Accept A Quit Notice From Your Landlord, These Are 3 Items To Take Note

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As A Tenant, Before You Accept A Quit Notice From Your Landlord, These Are 3 Items To Take Note In The Letter.

How does quit notice work in Ghana? These are some of the questions that this article will answer for you.

What is a Quit Notice?

Quite Notice is a document from a landlord to tenant demanding the renter quit (leave) the premises that are rented by them.

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Anybody who wants to rent and occupy a property for a period of time is known as a tenant. In Ghana, there are rules/laws that regulate tenancy of occupants of a property. These laws are in the form of a tenancy agreement, which is given to tenants before they are provided with accommodation.

This is the law:

A yearly tenant is entitled to 6 months' notice to quit.

A half-yearly tenant is entitled to six months' notice.

A monthly tenant is entitled to a month's notice.

A weekly tenant is entitled to a week's notice.

Things to check when you're issued a quit notice

1) source of the quit notice, it must come from a legal lawyer. 

2) frame time to quit

3) Reason of your quit notice

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These are the rules. The exception comes in in the tenancy agreement where the parties may stipulate any length of notice between themselves. If you as a yearly tenant sign a tenancy agreement which says your tenancy may be terminated by a month's notice, it becomes binding on you. If as a monthly tenant, your tenancy agreement stipulates that you will be given 6-months' notice, your landlord is bound by it.

A quit notice may be given before or after the expiration of your tenancy. 

That is why we advise that prospective tenants shouldn't rush into signing tenancy agreements because they are in a hurry to move into a house. Take your time and read the terms and conditions line by line before commuting your signature. 

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Where you don't understand, ask a learned fellow or an estate surveyor to explain to you in clear terms. Note: Don't mistake an estate surveyor for an agent o. I mean no insult, though. If any clause seems to work against you, ask that it be removed, that's why it is called an agreement. You don't sign what you don't agree with.

Note: you can sue your landlord if your rent has not expired and your land lord can equally sue you if you refused to give up properties under your premises.

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