With 10k you can start this 5 profitable businesses in Kenya

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I this article we will discuss the best small businesses that you can start in Kenya in 2022 with 10K only.

1. Flip Websites.

Website flipping is the process of developing (or having someone develop for you) or even buying low-cost websites that have room for improvement; growing them to their optimal revenue generation points then selling at a higher price to make profits.

Simply put, it works like real estate.

You make money either way – for a buy or for a sell.

2. Start a juice business

In a nutshell, under 10K would be enough to start a juice bar business anywhere in the world.

That’s if you already have a cool fridge, a juice dispenser, juicers (both multi-functional and citrus), fruit and vegetable peeler, and/or a commercial blender.

To maximize your profits, sell: – cold-pressed juice, sugarcane juice, and all other fresh juices in your business.

3. Start a Barbershop Near You.

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs believe, starting a barbershop business does not cost much.

In fact, you could start a small barbershop business with as little as Ksh. 10K and grow it to become bigger and better.

It only takes excellent customer service, quality services, and fair prices to make consistent profits and to retain customers.

Interestingly, you only need a shaving machine, a barber seat, mirrors, rent money, and aftershave products to get into this kind of business.

4. Start Selling Handbags.

The handbag business is one of the most profitable in Kenya.

You only need to know where to source your products cheaply and sell for profits in the country.

Most handbag sellers buy their merchandise from Kampala but if you don’t have enough money to get them in bulk, you can still create a social media account or get a website and sell online on a drop shipping basis.

5. Start Selling Curtains and Throw Pillows

A nice way to show the sass and class with very little money is by using bright throw pillows, seat covers, and curtains. Not to overdo though.

And people love these colored things.

So why not start your business around curtains, carpets, and throw pillows and earn profits while making other people’s houses look good?

For the throw pillows business, you can buy fabrics of different colors, make a few, market on social networks and sell for profits.

You can also do customized merchandise and produce on order.

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