Soldiers seize over R500 000 worth of illegal cigarettes as trafficker's flee to Zimbabwe

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Soldiers near the Limpopo- Zimbabwe confiscated nearly R500 000 worth of contraband cigarettes, prompting alleged traffickers to flee to Zimbabwe.

Members of the Special Services Battalion were on patrol when they made the haul, according to the military. They seized 34 cartons of illegal Remington Gold worth R477 242, says the statement.

The driver of a white Ford Ranger was stopped, according to the statement, but then decided to accelerate away. It was at that point that the soldiers realized there was something unusual about the driver and the car.

The SANDF quickly apprehended the culprit, and a search revealed that the automobile contained high-value illicit commodities. The officers discovered contraband cigarettes worth R465 614, as well as a Ford Ranger bakkie for R265 000. At Masisi village, the smokes were handed over to the police. Captain Moses Semono, a spokesperson for the army, said, the suspects fled the scene and went back to Zimbabwe.

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