Hubby To Nyoks Wa Katta Of Inooro TV Expounds On What One Should Avoid At All Cost

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Katta is a long time ago personality with a great influence. HE has been in the Media industry for long.

It is while at the industry they met with Nyoks and he made her a goats wife as he says.

The are blessed with three children, most recently being a baby boy known as Njuguna last month.

He has however alerted his followers on being ready for anything.

"Always be ready for the unexpected.This life is full of twists and disappointments.Today you might be working,tomorrow you're fired." He Said.

"Your business might be doing well today, tomorrow you get its been demolished. Your relationship might be doing very well today,tomorrow you don't want to see one another."

"Friends come and go,we lose money,we lose jobs,we lose close relatives. BUT to avoid going into depression and losing hope with life....Always be ready for the unexpected."

"Life will never stop because its not going as you wished and thought. Never lose hope,fight a little longer and harder and above all never lose hope....Na nisiitwe Mubaba!" He concluded.

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