'Happy Birthday Son.' Kanze Dena Pens Down Sweet Message To Son As He Turns Sixteen.

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Kanze Dena is one proud mother today after she got the privilege to celebrate her son on his sixteenth birthday. Kanze is currently the Spokesperson of Statehouse in Kenya. However Kanze's appearance on Royal Media Services at Citizen TV is what made her famous. Kanze used to anchor News alongside Lulu Hassan every Weekend.

Kanze once shared her story about the far she has come and that she even contemplated suicide when things were tough but she thanks God she has made it to this far.

Kanze got her son when she was still a young teen and she has learn to be proud of herself as a young mum. Kanze loves encouraging people not to give up when passing through hard times because hard times never last.

See Screenshots of Kanze's post and the message she has penned down to her son as he turns to be sweet sixteen years old.

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