Top Secrets You Should Never Tell Anyone


1.Future goals

Planning to get a new mansion ?keep it to yourself.Wait untill your goal is realized then you can share it with the people close to you.Sometimes we share our long term goals with people who are supposed to help us but they end up discouraging us from achieving them.So, better shut your mouth and pursue your goals in secret.

2.Financial details

Your salary details should be between you and your employer.The amount of you bank savings should only be known by the bank and not friends or relatives.They are your personal details and should remain so or you will live to regret it.

3.Relationship struggles

If you are fighting with your partner, let it remain between the two of you. If it’s really bad, you can involve a third party such as a counsellor or your parents. Otherwise, you should always try and solve your own problems but not sharing what you are going through with your friends.Most of the friends will always mislead you because you don't know what he/she thinks about you.

4.Family fights

Your family will always be your family and there is nothing you can do to change that. Therefore, you must learn to live with them and accommodate everyone regardless of how difficult they are. Whenever there are family fights, you should always be first in line to defend your family’s image instead of making it an open book for everyone to read.

5.Good deeds

If you are doing charity work or you helped a friend who was in trouble, do not go telling the whole world just keep it to yourself. Every time you do something to help, let it be out of good will but not an opportunity to showcase or brag about your deeds.


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