Kenyans Join Ugandans in Mocking President Museveni Over His Rare Late Night Nation Adress

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According to NBS Television in Uganda, president Museveni of Uganda is set to address the nation today 18th at 8pm. 

NBS Television posted, "JUST IN: President Museveni's COVID19 address to the nation is back on tonight. According to senior presidential press secretary Don Wanyama, after wide consultation, it has been agreed that the address is held tonight (Monday) at 8:00 pm." 

Reports had it that, Museveni is set to address the nation on the covid-19 situation in Uganda following announcement of 248 covid-19 positive cases.

Ugandans have been mocking their President for as to why he chose to address the nation at 8pm. Kenyans have joined ugandans on Twitter to mock the president. 

Here is the proceedings;

Guardian Angel stated, "Why can't Museveni just tweet what he wants to say tonight."

Jvleo added, "Museveni is addressing Tonight or tomorrow?? Who is confusing us??"

Nasasira Arnold posted, "President museveni ease the lockdown at least we need to send your daughters back to their parents, abazukulu batusobedde kati laba ono."

Solace lamented, "I can't wait for Museveni to count the number of beans we should eat per meal."

Wilfred posed, "President Museveni just wanted to show us that he is the one that runs this country and can do whatever he wanna any day any time."

Nyank replied, "As all Ugandans are waiting for the address from HE president Museveni tonight at 8pm. Let's not forget that it was on the 16th of May when the government asked for 10k from all Ugandans as a donation to COVID-19 task force."

Legend added, "If museveni extends the lockdown am walking from the village to Kampala."

Kemigisa posted, "Museveni is about to tell us, that after consulting with nutritionists and his own knowledge, the food being distributed is just enough for one to go by for the next couple of days."

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