10 Things I Noticed In Rema's Date With Nimiie


1. The arrival was proper. When going out on a real date, the boy is meant to dress corporate and the girl is meant to wear a gown. And they fulfilled that part.

2. The couple's outlook were poor. Looking at them, you will find out that they both dyed their hair which is not also proper for a date.

3. The meals were awesome. If you take a look at the pictures of the meals they had, you will find out that it was a complete and very tasty meal.

4. The boutique they visited was also stunning. I'll grade this one as a proper shopping. Rema was also a gentleman when he said pick anything you want.

5. Rema came fully prepared. His plan for the date was fully prepared. Not only that they just finished eating but they also went shopping and he bought her a lot of gifts. By coming prepared, you should also know the cost of your plan. And he spent enough for her.

6. Having fun cruise on a yatch. Dating is not all about eating, there should also be some amount of fun and he fulfilled that.

7. He gave her a lasting gift. Rema gave her a diamond necklace and he wore it for her. Now what you all should know is that after the date, anytime she looks at the necklace it will remind her of the special moment.

8. Surprise package. He gave her a surprise unrealesed song and you can see her having fun.

9. The after party. We can all see that it didn't end with the yatch cruise but there was also a surprise party for her.

10. The ending. It ended well and she was taken home safely.

She got home full of joy and couldn't express her feeling on the media.

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