DP Ruto's Motorcade Forced To Stop By Narok Residents As He Made Way To Ole Ntimama Stadium-Video.

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Dr. William Ruto, Kenya's Deputy President, has completed rallies in Nyandarua County, which is located in the country's central area. He is now on his way to the William Ole Ntimama Studium in Narok County's Rift Valley region, where he will hold a huge rally.

As he makes his way to the stadium, William Ruto, the second in command, and his team are greeted by a jubilant crowd who are singing his name.

The second in command can be seen giving the security staff some good work in the video that can be seen on his official Facebook page, which is also where the event is being streamed live.

The second-in-command did nothing more than wave to the audience as they sang his name as his motorcade made its way to the venue, where the Kenya Kwanza team had now started the event live with the help of the security team.


Time out period: 20 to 15 minutes

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