Yoū Won't Believe How Much Riky's Fur Coat Costs, SEE The Pricetag Worth Thousands

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After his breakout single, Boss Zonke, back in 2014, Riky Rick has never showed any signs of slowing down whether in the music scenes, business world or even the fashion industry.

Riky Rick has done it all, he's sold platinum records, topped charts, won awards, made Mzansi dance and so many other achievements that came as a result of him being in the music industry.

When he dropped Sidlukotini back in 2016, the song and music video were so dope that Mzansi started calling Riky Rick "King Kotini" referring to the high fashion he's always rocking.

Riky has revealed on several interviews that he lives and breathes fashion, all day everyday. This became evident during an episode on his podcast, Flavours, when he revealed how much a certain coat costed him.

He said he had to caugh up to R250K for the above coat, YES! you read that right, a whoppin R250 for a freaking fur coat. For the love of fashion, Riky said he's willing to go above budget.

He got his love for fashion on his late father, he apparently used to attend fashion shows across the world and if he wasn't in attendance, he used to watch them online.

On top of that, his father had plenty of magazines about fashion which include apparels by top designers across the world.




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