Veteran Musicians Pick Up Microphones For The Lord


She has thrilled us with gospel artistes who were true gospel musicians. Diana Hopeson, Ophelia Nyantakyi, Hannah Marfo and Helena Rhabbles were in the spirits when they took the microphone.

They have not lost their talents even though age has caught up with them. They still have their soothing, melodic voices.

Years might have passed when they were in top forms, their heydays might have run past them, their performances were indicative of the fact that indeed the young gospel artistes still have a lot to learn from them. 

You get the point that they were really called to do the work of God. They did not see it as a career path unlike what we see these days. 

If our young gospel artistes would stop being heavy on fashion and needless beefs and concentrate on making music, songs inspired by the Holy Spirit, we can have those days of Mary Ghansah, Hannah Marfo, Helena Rhabbles, Stella Aba Seal, Diana Hopeson, Ophelia Nyantakyi and the others back. 

I hope next weekend’s list would also feature artistes who have gone through the mill, those who did real gospel music. 

I must admit it was worth staying awake to watch today’s show. McBrown deserves accolades for her choice or guests tonight. If she gets it wrong tomorrow, we shall point it out to her.