Maranda Highschool is on fire again.

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Maranda Highschool is on fire the second time in 2021, barely a week after form four students were sent home. Bondi Deputy County Commissioner, Richard Karani has confirmed that Maranda Highschool in Siaya county is on fire again. Well, it is just the other day that the same had happened and there were alot of severe damages and people were injured alot.

While reporting to the news, Karani said that the fire began at the Boaz Owino afew minutes ago and added that the police just arrived at the institution a few minutes ago to look into details at the matter. On Thursday, all the form four students had been sent home indefinitely after refusing to sit for their mock exams and threatening to burn the school.

The internal mock was were however postponed to a later date and the dates were yet to be communicated. Reports say that, on Tuesday, the students had threatened to burn learning and accomodation facilities at the school. The school however decided to sent them home on Thursday, one of the teachers in Maranda explained.

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