"No Wonder They Finish A Mission In 24 Hours" See How US Navy Seals Are Trained (Photos)

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United States Navy Seals are one of the most highly trained military branch in the world. They have participated in several missions which take less than 24 hours to end.

Normally, a maximum of 6-10 navy seals are sent on a mission. Remember these people are men and women who have undergone years of military training. It is a thing we should appreciate since they are sacrificing their lives to secure ours.

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Navy Seals undergo 12 months of intense training in the desert, air and water. They take 18 more months for specialize in weapons training.

Each and everyday during the training period, they have time to sleep, read, do intense exercises and have their meals according to the schedule.

Photos below will show you what they really go through to become qualified US Navy Seals.(Photo Courtesy).(Photo Courtesy).(Photo Courtesy).(Photo Courtesy).(Photo Courtesy).

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