Leave Alone Killing Two Men, See What Kangogo Did In The Vast Rift Valley


Kangogo's case has continued to take fresh twists as a lot is being unraveled about her. Her prolonged escape time has led to a lot being exposed about her. This happens as investigators dig deep into her life to establish who exactly she was from the grassroot level. As this happens, it emerges that Kangogo started commiting crimes long time ago.

This comes after what is claimed that she committed several crimes in the vast rift valley. Kangogo is said to have been part of the two crime syndicates that were involved in extortions, robbery and protection of various politicians and businessmen in Rift Valley.

She always protected carjackers, drug lords and highway robbers. As this happens, one of the lead detectives are still investigating the case of car theft deal that went sour between Kangogo and Peter Ndigwa. Ndigwa was an ex officer she allegedly murdered in Juja at hotel in Kiambu. 

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