"Im not HIV...I live with HIV, If you will judge me by my status...you will miss my character."

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Zikhona is living with HIV but is not ashamed of letting people know her status.She is on a mission to fight discrimination.

A 26years old Zikhona is on a mission to fight discrimination and challenges that HIV people faces each and everyday through her social media campaign.

Zikhona wrote on Twitter that being HIV does not define who she is.

Zikhona revealed the challenges and rejections that peole living with HIV get from their loved ones.She is begging the society to stop judging people who are living with HIV.

A student remembered how she was judged by the first person who she told about her status and almost made her lose hope.She is also begging HIV- positive people to accept themselves. 

Zikhona says that many lives would be saved if the community would accept people living with this condition.They need support so that they can take their medication.Being HIV does not mean it is the end of the road for you.

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