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Food is one of the basic needs of human, we cannot carryout our daily activities without food. In a day, we are required to eat at least three times, in the morning as breakfast, afternoon as lunch and at night which is referred to as dinner.

Food provides the necessary chemical nutrients in the body for energy, growth and repair of tissues as well as for the maintenance and well-being of the body generally.

In Nigeria, the consumption of Carbohydrate class of food is more than all other classes of food. We shall get to know those foods that are mostly consumed in Nigeria.

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1. Garri; When properly processed to remove the poisonous substance called Cyanide in garri through the process of fermentation and the addition of Palm oil, garri becomes a fantastic source of carbohydrate and fibre.

It provides energy to the body and also favours the bowels movement due to the presence of fibre content. Garri is heavily consumed by almost everyone in Nigeria. It can be consumed by soaking it in water especially when the weather is hot, it can be consumed along with soup.

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2. Rice; It is a type of Carbohydrate food mostly consumed after garri in Nigeria. During festive periods such as the Christmas and New year celebrations, almost everybody consume rice.

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It is a common food served in every restaurant and in ceremonies. Rice can be consumed alone or together with other foods such as plantain, beans, vegetables and fruits.

3. Noodles; The noodles have gradually gain popularity recently, unlike in the past decades. Most homes in Nigeria, prefer noodles as they are easy to prepare.

4. Beans; This food gives the body protein, it is consumed along with other foods such as rice, yam, plantain, potato and vegetables.

5. Akara and Bread; This combination is one of the nutritious foods that is underrated and seen as "poor man's food." Akara and bread combination is a good source of Carbohydrate, proteins, Fat and oil etc.

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6. Yam, Plantain and Potatoes; These carbohydrate class of foods are also rich in other chemical nutrients such as Iron and Potassium.

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