"This Is Not The Time To Look Up To Government For Jobs"- Franklin Cudjoe To Graduates


The president of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe has advised graduates to stop waiting for the government to create jobs for them because times are hard and there is no money to pay them even if the government offered them jobs.

Franklin Cudjoe has disclosed how he used to survived when he was in Kumasi attending school at KNUST and how he used to create job for himself without waiting for the government.

According to him, while he was in the University, KNUST, he used to order 'fried rice' from The Dish Restuarant near the Kumasi Sports Stadium and personally deliver it to colleague students ( including ladies at Africa Hall, and he didn't have to be shy) and to working professionals in Kumasi.

He said he made agency fees to top up his diminished funds which is great.

He said while he was selling the food, he was also President of the Land Management and Development Students Association, a member of the SRC and helped establish the first Student Membership of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, (made up of Building Tech, Geodetic Engineering and Land Economy students).

Franklin Cudjoe said he still find time to sell 'fried rice' peacefully without problem.

However, he had learned enterprenuership by doing and he actually helped his late mum to sell fish from age 11 through 'O'-level and 'A'- level education.

He further stated that he learned how to be enterprenuerial from adversity and the impact was life-changing to him.

He advised graduates in Ghana seeking for white collar jobs that "If you are a graduate from a modest and poor home waiting for 'coat-coat' jobs without having done time with your head and hands, then you will have a hard time being independent. If you are a graduate and have been idle for eons after finishing school, this is not the time to look up to government for jobs- as there are no funds to hire. Start something".

"Offer to be a sales person for any good company, any covid-19 related company, self-appointed covid-19 ambassador offering to teach people about safety tips and getting agency fees from selling covid-19 products, find friends who will join up resources to start a business. Do not add to the crumbling wage bill in the public sector. Do not think you are too big a graduate to do some type of work . Remember, survival before growth. You can choose hunger too. Happy May Day" he added on his facebook wall today as workers are celebrating their holiday.

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