What Moha Jicho Pevu has Done to the People of Mkomani this Morning


Mohammed Ali, well known by his former media name as Moha Jicho Pevu, is indeed one of the politicians in the country whom everyone would love to have as their leader.

That has just been proven with the manner in which he get to balance his work as the MP of Nyali Constituency and the matters of politics which have been hitting most headlines since the birth of BBI.

For the past few weeks, Mohammed Ali has done more to people from different parts of Nyali. That includes distribution of food, money, bursaries and among other essential needs.

Today alone with the help of his team dubbed as The Mohammed Ali Foundation Team, he has distributed food to some of the residents of Mkomani Kipasho in Nyali Constituency.

This is just after having done the same to the people of Moroto, Msufini, Bashiri and Bullo within just a week. A move which he feels is driven by the presence of love he has for the people of Nyali Constituency.

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