Joshua vs Fury: 4 reasons why Joshua will win.

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It is no longer news that the epic fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury is billed to hold in July or early August this year, as revealed by the fight promoter Eddie Hearn.

The fight which will be the biggest in the history of professional boxing will see both boxers going home with a whopping $75 million each, win or lose! The venue for the fight has also been tentatively fixed as Saudi Arabia. 

Now, the question on the lips of boxing enthusiast is 'who will win?'

Based on research,I bring you 4 reasons why Joshua will win, but first a brief description of both men.


Anthony Joshua; Getty images.

The British Nigerian born fighter currently holds the WBA,IBF and WBO heavyweight titles. The goal of this 6'6" tall fighter is to unify the championship belts in the heavyweight division and become the 'undisputed' 


Tyson Fury: Getty images.

The challenger, also a Briton, holds the WBC title. He stands at a towering 6'9" tall and in addition to this gargantuan height, he packs a meaty 270 pounds of body weight. Fury throws an average of 47 punches per round of fight: talk of a power machine!

4 reasons why Joshua will win:

 1. What their records reveal: 

In the professional rank, Joshua has a slight edge over Fury with 22 knockouts (KO) to his credit compared to Fury's 21.

16 of Joshua's KO occurred in the opening 3 rounds of his fights, while Fury, with a lower KO percentage, knocked out 4 of his opponents at the fifth round which is his most prolific.

Verdict?: Joshua will overwhelm Fury if he takes the fight to Fury in the early rounds.

 2. Style vs brute force: 

Most pundits agree that Joshua is the more stylish boxer compared to Fury. 

According to data from Data boxrec and Wikipedia, Tyson throws more punches than Joshua per round but Joshua's punch landing success ratio is better than Fury's.

In a typical fight, Fury throws 47 punches per round landing 12 while Joshua throws 35 punches landing 11; a success ratio of 31% over his challenger.

Verdict?: The rain of punches will come from Fury but the telling blows will be delivered by Joshua. 

 3. Opinions of some former champions:

According to the British newspaper, the Sun, David Haye,a former heavyweight champion had predicted that if Fury fights like he did against Wilder, Joshua will win. He said "He (Fury) will be too open, too wide and someone as fast, athletic and as skillful as Joshua will be able to punch right through.... and take him out early"

Also, another former heavyweight, Wladmir Klitschko who had fought both Fury and Joshua and lost to both men said when asked who will be the likely winner of the big fight : "Joshua is a superior athlete, a great fighter and Olympic champion" while tipping him to win. Andy Ruiz jnr, the immediate past heavyweight champion has also predicted a Joshua victory.

Verdict?; The views of these boxing veterans should be taken seriously as they know where the shoe pinches.

 4. Joshua's need for 'redemption'

 Anthony Joshua has to make a serious statement based on the defeat he suffered to Andy Ruiz in his USA debut. In that fight he lost his three heavyweight belts in one fell swoop! Although he retrieved the belts in their subsequent rematch, some analyst believe the fight has taught Joshua what not to do ever again and in the fight with Fury, it will be a different scenario altogether.

He proved his mettle when he defeated Pulev last December and with Fury, he has to redeem his reputation once and for all and become the truly undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.


In my view, the fight will see excitement in the early rounds, with Joshua taking the fight to Fury. 

Fury as good a fighter as he is, will be overwhelmed by Joshua's athleticism, boxing intelligence, style and experience in the 5th or 6th round.

Join the debate. Air your views, drop a comment.

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