The list of SA celebrities who were sexually abused

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’I was going to take my rape ordeal to the grave’ (

Johannesburg – More ladies have pop out to proportion their tales of alleged abuse and rape at the fingers of a distinguished celeb.

Masechaba Khumalo has also accused the celebrity of rape. Photo: Instagram.

The movie star isn't being named as criminal fees have now not been opened towards him as but.

Since actress and businesswoman Amanda Du Pont recorded a tearful video on Thursday detailing the alleged abuse she continued at the same time as she changed into romantically related to the movie star, others have also come forward.

On Friday, Masechaba Khumalo, radio personality and spokesperson for the Sports, Arts and Culture Ministry stood in unity with Du Pont and claimed that she too were a victim of the movie star in Naturena, Johannesburg whilst she became nonetheless a virgin.

“I felt Amanda’s tears. Watching her video gave me goosebumps due to the fact our stories are very comparable, almost same. I didn’t recognise if I was going to mention some thing but I felt compelled to say something as it’s not about me, it's about all people,” she stated.

“It became a hard decision but I decided I that I changed into going to do it whether human beings believed me or not, whether I would acquire grievance for best coming out all these years later. I turned into planning to go to the grave with this and I realised that I can’t, it has to stop and it has to prevent with us,” she stated.

Amanda Du Pont known as on other sufferers to come back ahead and proportion their truths and disclose the superstar. Photo: Instagram.

Du Pont’s video was a reaction to the movie star’s interview Podcast which aired on Wednesday. During his interview he alleged that he had “smashed” Du Pont and that their courting ended because she determined out he turned into cheating on her.

Du Pont refuted these statements, announcing she were constantly raped at some point of the 2 years they were together, and that out of fear she stayed in the abusive courting.


Although aid for Khumalo and Du Pont has been pouring in from survivors and different celebrities who condemn the allegations, Khumalo said she turned into apprehensive approximately her role in the government, whether or not she would be putting her branch in disrepute.

“Knowing that my main, Minister Nathi Mthethwa is a staunch feminist, an propose for the safety of ladies, children and people, I come what may knew that I can’t hold again due to the fact I am terrified of bringing all this unwanted interest to myself, my own family, my youngsters and colleagues.

“This has affected me for a completely long term. I didn’t have any sexual stumble upon with any man for years after the rape due to the fact I concept that turned into sex. I notion that turned into regular and I didn’t need anything to do with it. I actually have achieved a whole lot of work on myself thru my conversations. I have thrown myself into activism, helping younger women, males and females to address abuse, violence and generational curses and that become a restoration method for me,” she stated.

Supporters and lovers of the celeb have been thinking her timing and trying to realize why it had taken years for Khumalo to talk about her alleged ordeal. She defined that the shame of abuse paralyses victims, and that she changed into younger when it took place but changed into no longer scared of the superstar.

“This is the one secret I have saved my complete life that I notion I would in no way inform. I am proud of Amanda for being courageous enough to pop out. I desire that every other lady now not handiest involved on this precise case, but every different female, guy or boy who has been violated in any manner in any form or shape, will too, locate their voice and be brave sufficient to pop out. When we are liberated, we give others the strength to disencumber themselves,” she stated.

Nonzwakazi Cekete, spokesperson for the printed station, wherein the celebrity is a presenter, said the channel had suspended him in mild of the allegations, as they did no longer condone gender-based violence in any way and below any situations.

The superstar did not remark on the time of going to print.

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