5 Ways You Can Effectively Prevent Bad Smell On Your Pig Farm

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Piggery is a lucrative business if it is done properly because numerous people have become millionaires through practicing it. However, what scares some people to venture into piggery is the unhygienic conditions associated with it. In this article, I bring to you 6 ways you can prevent bad smell on your pig farm.

1 Good Farm Location

One obvious way of avoiding a piggery foul smell is by setting up your farm a reasonable distance away from the homestead. As a farmer, you should not construct a pig farm on a hill yet your home is below. This is because the wind will most times blow the odour downwards to your house.

2 Changing The Diet

It is known that proteins and crystalline amino acids in feeds are responsible for the foul smell in the pigs' waste. By reducing the intake of these 2 nutrients, a foul smell at your farm will reduce by 20%.

3 Plant More Vegetation

This is also a cheap way to manage the foul smell from your piggery unit. Just plant trees, flowers, and shrubs around your farm and they will help curb the bad smell.

4 Proper Farm Management

This is a must for all pig farmers. One of the sure ways of controlling foul pig smell even though the farm is close to a homestead is by taking care of the sewage and daily cleaning of the pigs' house.

5 Use Of Biofilters

Although it is expensive, using biofilter technology will help to curb bad odour on your pig farm by 65-80%. As a farmer, you must buy a biofilter design that is compatible with the piggery ventilation system on your farm.

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