"Amalize Aende" Angry Kenyans React As Uhuru And Raila Conduct Government Project Inspection


President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga this Thursday morning made a tour around Nairobi inspecting ongoing government projects at the GreenPark bus terminus.

The two who are said to have had a phone call yesterday as reported by the People Daily are quite keen to spell away rumors of a collapsing handshake with Raila now assured that the President still respects their agreement.

During the tour, Uhuru and Raila were greeted by some of the contractors working on the site even as they maintained social distance amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

However, Kenyans are still bitter at the President for the recently imposed lockdown that has seen many lose their jobs as life has become more tougher for the second year in a row.

Yesterday, peaceful demonstrations were held in Nairobi with the message to Uhuru being 'Unlock our country'.

Under the post by State House on Facebook, there was nothing to smile about for the Kenyans who reacted by reminding Uhuru that they are suffering.

Julius Wanyaga: Meanwhile Kenyans are hungry when the same person who has blocked their movement is roaming the streets. #Amalize aende

Peter Samia: Maliza tu uende...your priorities always leaves me wondering 

Kabilo Ajima: The only thing we want to hear from the president is if he is unlocking our country. Hizi zengine ni useless P.R tu. Maliza uende

Gichuru Jnr: These are not needed. Will Kenyans eat his visit? Nonsense. UnlockOurCountry

Stevo Mtetezi: That doesn't help us,We have lost our jobs due to lock down & curfew,We are very hungry no food on the table.

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