Employer's Dog Kills A househelp At Night

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A 39-year-old househelp has been reported dead after what has been termed as attack from the boss's dog. The lady lost her life early the morning the morning attack while on her daily routine chores. The incident happened at Moriema’s area of Malindi town. 

The nun who was identified as Roselyn Nafuna had opened the door leading to the porch when South African Boerboel attacked her, before the night guard who was on duty came on her rescue.

John Siria who is the night went responded to distress screams, but later to learn that was Nafuna who was being attacked by the dog.

He rushed to the scene and restrained the dog, helping Nafuna, but it's believed that he didn't take the necessary interventions to safe her life. He left her to return inside but she overwhelmed by the injuries and scumbled.

Her lifeless body was found by the incoming day guard Mr. Anthony Katana sprawled on the floor. From the reports received from detectives, it was not established immediately whether the owners were at home during the incident.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased is currently preserved at the Star hospital mortuary, awaiting post mortem.

Source: Directorate Of Criminal Investigation page.

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