94% of Discovey staff has been vaccinated thanks to mandatory vaccine

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There has been a lot of misinformation around the Covid-19 vaccines which is the reason why many people are not eager to vaccinate. Discovery was one of the first company that announced that it will be making vaccine mandatory for all its employees and so far, they are doing so well since they manged to vaccinate about 10 000 of their staff and the company has about 12 000 staff.

Direct engagements do help because now those employees in Discovery who were opposing the vaccine, are now starting to warm up to the issue of getting the vaccine because they are now well informed. We know that some of the decision not to vaccinate is sometimes a family-wide one, Discovery's clinical consultants have pulled in family members into their one-on-one staff consultations. Ron Whelan, the head of Discovery's Covid-19 Task Team, said many people have changed their minds through that process.

We know that there are other companies that have followed suits and now that president Cyril Ramaphosa announced that there is a possibility of vaccine mandatory, others are aslo starting to make vaccine policies within their companies.

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