Muigai Reveals The Question Kalenjin Elders Asked Him After Uhuru Broke Promise To Support Ruto

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It is public knowledge that during the heydays of Uhuru's bromance with William Ruto, there was this talk of 'yangu kumi, yako kumi'. Unfortunately, nobody foresore that after the General Election in 2017, there would be a fallout between the President and his Deputy William Ruto.

Recently, Kung'u Muigai a member of the Agikuyu council of elders visited William Ruto at his Karen residence. This move was widely seen as Kung'u's effort to reaffirm his support for Ruto's presidency. Today, the elder who is also Uhuru Kenyatta's cousin was on TV47 Kenya to give details of his visit and the stance of the Agikuyu elders regarding the Presidential race.

While on TV47 Kenya he divulged a question he was asked by a Kalenjin elder after Uhuru reneged on supporting Ruto. Kung'u said, "When the President seemed to reneged on the agreement between the two (Uhuru and Ruto) the Kalenjin elders came to me and said patron we want to know. Is it normal for Kikuyu elder to give a promise then go back on it?"

This shows that very serious matters were discussed between the Kalenjin and Kikuyu elders in 2013. When someone makes a promise he should fulfil it. Kung'u who was probably present when the agreement was being forged feels that he should do the noble thing and return the favour.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Mount Kenya vote will be shared between William Ruto and Raila Odinga. The latter currently enjoys the backing of the President however they have never held a joint campaign rally in Mt. Kenya.

Ruto still enjoys huge support in the mountain hence Uhuru sees that it is better for him to keep off and let Karua campaign for Raila on his behalf.


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