Meet The Family Which Their Blood Is 'Water' | Water Oozes Out Anytime There Is A Cut On Their Body.


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Family Which Their Blood Is Water

It is easy to be thankful for the good things. A life of rich fulfilment comes to those who are thankful for the setbacks. Be thankful when you do not know something, for it allows you to learn. We all have so many things in life and some of us do not recognize what we have until we lose it. Many people are suffering to get a quarter of what you have but cannot get it. If you are living in any condition whether good or bad, be thankful to God. Today's article is about the story of a family whose members have water running through their system as blood. Meet the family whose story shocked the world.

They have a rare condition and were all born differently. They do not bleed blood like any normal person, instead, they bleed water. All their joints and muscles are weak which make them not walk freely without leaning on something.

The whole family is affected by this disorder. Doctors cannot help solve this family's situation because it is in their genes which means it is hereditary. They live a complicated life ever. Meet the family which have suffered ever since the evolution of mankind.

According to their story, their parents gave birth to ten children but only four of them live together in a small village.

They were all born with this disorder. The whole family cannot walk normally without leaning on something. They think they inherited this disorder from their mother because she also walks like that.

The male born of the family is thankful to God for three of his children not having this disorder. He says after the disorder started becoming unbearable, he went to the hospital, but the doctors told him there was nothing they could do about his disorder because it is hereditary and has no cure. All they gave him was a walking stick to support his movement. Doctors report from their scan results reveals that their muscles got separated and their backbone broke because of falling several times.

The male born produced three children and two died but the one remaining is normal. He says anytime he visits the hospital, the only thing they give him is painkillers.

They are going through a lot of difficult times because their knees keep hurting leaving them with wounds. Standing upright is a difficult thing for them to do and keep shaking anytime they attempt to walk. People who do not know them always think they are drunk, but it is because of their illness.

Another aspect of their disability is bleeding water anytime they have a cut on their body. Their body has no blood. It is full of water.

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