Manchester United Star Exposed By Fans For Repeating This Same Mistake In Leicester Game


Manchester United went behind in the most embarrassing way after a back pass from Fred allowed Kelechi Iheanacho to round keeper Dean Henderson in the 24th minute.

That mistake is unquestionably all Fred's fault and there is no way he can ran away from that. It was not a great opening 25 minutes for the Brazilian and once again the fans have exposed him for repeating what is now proving to he his weakness.

Fred gave the ball away too much with his either long or short passes and his passing was simply a shocker.

It was so alarming that Solskjaer immediately send Scot McTominay to warm up after that Iheanacho goal.

Since he was signed from Donesk, Fred has had a shocker in the United jersey and he has done nothing to prove that the club were right to pay so much money for him.

He has not been great going forward nor has his defensive performances been impressive.

Fans took to social media to expose Fred for being a poor passer of the ball.

Samuel Luckhurst: Fred's been off the boil for a while and he has had halves where, to paraphrase Martin Johnson on the England cricket team, there have been three things wrong with Fred: he can't pass, can't tackle and can't shoot.

Laurie Whitwell: Fred is having a horrific afternoon. One hand up to apologize when his pass to Martial was intercepted. Two hands up to apologize when he gave away possession for Leicester chance earlier. He needs to do something major to make up for that error. Inexplicably poor #MUFC

Dante: Fred has to be the funniest footballer playing right now. Every time I watch play he makes me laugh with the way he gives the ball away consistently and he’s always looking like he’s about to fall over. 

Sam Pilger: For a defensive midfielder Fred gives the ball away far too often. No surprise he has now gifted Leicester a goal. #MUFC

Hesham Bilal: Fred is absolutely useless isn’t he? Given the ball away so many damn times, he’s tried to gift Leicester a goal and now he finally has. Complete joke. #mufc