What Happens To A Cockroach When It Smokes 20 Cigarettes?



Cockroaches are common and hardy insects capable of tolerating a wide range of climates, from Arctic cold to tropical heat. They are considered the most resilient insects on earth.

A researcher conducted three experiments on this resilient insect to determine whether it can survive in a closed container full of water for 10 minutes, whether it can survive under negative temperatures and to find out what will happen to it if it smokes 20 Cigarettes.

After the experiments, the researcher found out thar the cockroach could survive in temperatures of up to negative ten degrees Celsius and can survive in a closed container full of water for 10 minutes.

However, the cockroach which could survive in the above extreme conditions died after smoking only three cigarettes. At first, the cockroach seemed to enjoy the cigarette smoke but after one minute it started reacting to the smoke by excreting a fluid on the surface of the glass container. After the third cigarette, it fell off and perished.

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