Doctor sends warning against urinating in the shower. Here is why

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There are some strange habits that come naturally to human beings. It may be things that they grew up doing or something that they learnt when they were adults.

A lot of people have a habit of peeing or urinating when they are taking a shower. This is because a lot of people bath in the morning therefore instead of using the toilet first they opt to just do it once in the shower since urine is a liquid it can quickly flow away with the water.

A female doctor from Boston named Dr Alicia Jeffrey Thomas who is a pelvic floor therapist send a strong message on TiK Tok against the dangers of peeing while in the shower. She highlighted that peeing in the shower will send a signal to your brain that when they water runs you will think of peeing. This according to her might trigger long term effects that will see you struggling to control yourself once you hear the water coming out of anywhere

When peeing in the water becomes a habit one will find that there is an urge to pee as soon as water starts coming out and this has been reported in a lot of people.

In another video however the doctor went on to explain that there is nothing in peeing in the shower every once in a while but it should not be made a habit. On the other hand peeing in the shower might be beneficial to people who struggle to go to the toilet naturally. The warmth of the water in the shower might trigger the urine to come out easily therefore it becomes more easier for them.

Doctor Alicia also made a conclusion that she was just making a general analysis but humans are different. If one wants to go into details about themselves then it is advisable that they consult with their personal pelvic floor therapist.

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