In this tough economy avoid these types of friends to survive


In 2020 corona came like a wild fire and razed down many people's jobs and career. Many businesses closed down, many restaurants and bars had to shut down due to government regulations. This has affected many people in our country and across the world.

However, the economy is still getting tough. Prices are sky rocketing left right and center. This is because the government has imposed heavy taxes and this has led to people struggling to keep a float. I. This article I want to share with you the type of friends that you need to stay away from in order to survive this tough economy.

The selfish friends

These are friends that will hangout with you when you are they are broke and have nothing . As soon as they have some money then they will disappear for days or months. Spending their money alone without you knowing about it.

The pretender

This type of friend will pretend that they are so broke just like you but in reality they are living like kings. They will be dining and wining behind your back but when you are together they will pretend that they are so broke.

The borrower

The borrower is a friend that only borrows from you but cannot help you in return, they will borrow a lot from you but when you are in trouble they will never help you back. In this tough economy stay away from thess friends in order to survive.


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