Mosonik's Promises to the Youth of Bomet

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As the politics of the coming general elections heat up in the country,the most targeted people for support are the Youths.This is due to a perception that the greatest population of the country are the youths and this pushes the political leaders towards the youth looking for support and votes.

Yesterday,an Aspirant from Bomet county hosted the youths from the county for a talk of the youth empowerment.Engineer Mosonik who aspiring to be the next governor of Bomet county yesterday talked to the youth of Bomet county on how he is going to Improve their lives if he would be elected as the next governor.

Mosonik said that he is going to Improve the sector of agriculture which is seen as the main source of employment to the youth.He said that the issue of saying that agriculture is a dirty work for a graduate should stop.

He said that he is going to make sure that over ninety percent of the youths in Bomet have a place where they can earn a living and a stable source of money which can help them move their families out of poverty.

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