Skeem Saam|| Magongwa planned to run away, he was driving blind

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After Celia warned Alfred and Mahlatse that the people who are pretending to be social workers were sent by Mr. Kgomo, they panicked. Alfred asked for car keys from Mahlatse while he knows very well that he cannot drive in his state, but he told him that he was going to only hide in his car. Mahlatse gave him his car keys because he is scared of him and he wanted him to be safe.

Alfred managed to go around the house to his car until he found it. It seems like his other senses are stronger than ever before.

He opened his car at the back and he tried to feel the starring wheel and he assumed that he was in the wrong side. He closed the back door and opened the front seat and got inside. After he got inside, he pulled the seat down like he was hiding. But he changed his mind, he started the car and opened the gate, remote gate. He went out and he almost crashed another car but he didn't. He got on the wrong lane and drove off.

When Alfred drove off Mahlatse got outside the gate and he realized that he was in danger. He regretted giving his father the car keys.Source:

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