I Cannot Live Without This Site Shaffie Waweru Declares

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Shaffie Waweru aka the Reverend is known as a Kenyan Entertainer and radio presenter. He is currently working on Kiss FM of the Big Breakfast show as a host along with his partner Adelle Onyango. The celebrity personality sat on a very long interview with the blogger Robbert Alai in his newly launched talk show called The Audit.

The blogger as a renowned blogger and a Tech-savvy took Shaffie on various talks from technology where he admitted that he visits porn sites. As he was questioned about his Social media endeavors he said that he spends time on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where he enjoys just talking to women.

Shaffie said he quit Tinder since women became a bit skeptical with him and also the thrill of chatting removes the issue of consent. He added that his liking for Tiktok was dismissed since he sees the application as an area for children.

The Entertainer also admitted to visiting the porn sites since he is a man and he is close to his children's mothers despite the fact he is open relationships.

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