Neighbors Of 34-Year-Old Man Who Had Married His 15-Year-Old Niece In Trouble As Police Say This


A man in handcuffs.

Police in Gatanga, Murang'a County have given a warning to neighbors of a 34-year-old man who had married his 15-year-old niece.

In an update given by the area police boss Peter Muchemi, neighbors who knew of forced union between the two will be arrested as they knew this was bad but kept silent and didn't bother reporting to security agents.

Mr. Muchemi described this behavior as a criminal and incestuous union, which should never be tolerated in the society.

According to the young girl who was rescued and taken to the hospital for medical assessments, her uncle had forced her to remain silent about their union and threatened to kill her if she ran away or report him.

She says he even forcibly administered family planning pills into her so that she can not get pregnant.

It is believed the man took advantage of the long closure of schools due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country.

However, after the schools resumed in August, the girl didn't report to school something that prompted the school administration to ask for whereabouts.

“The girl is a Class Seven pupil and her absence from school since they resumed in August, led the school management and the security agents to commence a probe into her whereabouts. It is then that we discovered that she was living with her uncle who was sexually abusing her,” said Muchemi as quoted by Nation.