Why Man Utd Fans Must Not Change Their Stance About Solskjaer's Sacking Despite The Win Over Atalanta

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Since their latest Champions league victory against Atalanta, many fans have been praising the players who were outstanding as well as the manager for his tactical decisions in the comeback win. It should be recalled that just prior to their last game, the Red Devils had suffered a heavy 4-2 defeat to Leicester City in the Premier league and that had once again agitated the fans to demand for Solskjaer's dismissal.

But after the 90 minutes showdown against Atalanta on Wednesday, it looks like the Norwegian has bought himself more time as everyone seemed to have forgotten that just about a week ago, they were clamouring for him to be fired. Needful to say that since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer arrived Old Trafford as manager in December 2018, his performance has been far from what many are used to at a club like Manchester United and because he has been unable to win any major honour so far, it was already established that he isn't the right man for the job.

For something that isn't working, there is a need to hammer on it at all times until a change is made, but recent happenings has revealed that Manchester United fans are sometimes picky on when to talk about Solskjaer's sacking and when not to. Although the Red Devils may have gotten away with Atalanta, there are still more tricky fixtures awaiting them starting with Liverpool this Sunday. However, should they fail to put on a decent performance and earn a good result against the Reds, chances are that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's name will stick out once again with fans protesting for his dismissal.

In my humble opinion, I feel the supporters should be firm in their view about the Norwegian, since he is not the man for the job then one good game shouldn't change that and vice versa. It is one thing to win a match, but to do that on a consistent level is certainly another and so far Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tactics hasn't gotten Manchester United any far in terms of quality and result. Every time the supporters begin to develop a measure of faith in the Norwegian, he comes up with another disappointing performance and that's why the need for his sacking shouldn't be influenced by the recent result against Atalanta.

With the abundance of talents under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the team shouldn't be struggling the way they have been doing lately and irrespective of whatever has been said in his favor, parting ways with the Norwegian now will benefit the club in the long run.

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