Ruto Makes Several Promises to Kenyans Despite Failing to Deliver The Same as Deputy For 10 Years

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Deputy President William Ruto has begun issuing a series of promises of what he will do for Kenyans if he is elected president despite failing to deliver on many of those promises under the Jubilee government.

Dr Ruto has said his first role in power if he is elected president in 2022 is to ensure 4 million young people find employment.

“My first role in the office will be to allocate funds that will enable 4 million young people to get a job. Also, I will create a special fund to help bodaboda operators and mama wa soko improve their quality of life, ”said Dr Ruto.

He also said he would revive the Big 4 Agenda- to ensure Kenya is self-sufficient in food, industrial development, affordable and quality universal health care and affordable housing - which he and President Uhuru Kenyatta pledged to implement after being sworn in for a second term. November 2017.

Prior to the August 8, 2017 elections, President Kenyatta and Dr Ruto pledged to create 1.7 million jobs annually.

The two also pledged to set up a Commercial Bank that would provide loans to small businesses, including bodaboda and vegetable mothers.

Many of these promises remain in the air as the cost of treatment remains high, the number of unemployed youth has increased and more than 2 million Kenyans are suffering from severe hunger in 23 counties in the country.

Although Dr. Ruto appeared to have been excluded from the government since 2018, he had a strong say between 2013 and 2017 but did not use the opportunity to implement the projects he now promises.

"The Deputy President controlled half of the cabinet and would use them well ensure that the things he promises are now being implemented during the Jubilee government," said Mr Javas Bigambo, a political analyst.

The Deputy President on Wednesday said he would implement the four projects with his ‘Bottom-Up’ plan which he claims will eradicate poverty in the country.

Dr Ruto seems to be running his campaigns cunningly as he has been bragging about using government and Jubilee projects such as road construction but distancing himself from the regime's flaws.

During a recent visit to Ukambani and Nyamira, Dr Ruto listed a number of development projects implemented by Jubilee, saying it was a sign that he was a hard worker.

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