I Am Also An MP So We Are 138 And We Can Pass The Bill- Speaker Tells MPs

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The Speaker of parliament to day is Hon Joseph Osei Owusu. He has told majority MPs in parliament that he is the speaker of Parliament but he is also a member of parliament so he will make sure the bill proposed by government can be passed. When sitting began to debate the proposed bill sent to parliament by finance minister, Ken Offori Atta, Minority MPs were no where to be found in the chamber.

The speaker stated that he was not informed about why minority MPs are not in the chamber and majority MPs challenged that speaker, Alban Bagbin used 137 members of parliament to reject 2022 budget so he must also allowed them do the same.

Hon Joseph Osei Owusu got the MPs in parliament counted and they were 137 excluding him and everybody thought that parliament cannot pass the bill proposed by government but to a surprise, the speaker read 104(1) and (2) of the constitution. Which read; Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, matters in Parliament shall be determined by the votes of the majority of members present and voting, with at least half of all the members of Parliament present.

(2) The Speaker shall have neither an original nor casting vote.

After making this statement known he stated that there are majority MPs in parliament including him and for that matter the bill shall be passed which shocked Ghanaians.

He boldly told the MPs that the constitution is clear and everything indicates that any bill can be passed but his body gesture did not go down well for majority of Ghanaians watching the proceedings in parliament today as the proposed bill was forcefully accepted.

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